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(866) 305-0486 or +1 (866)305-0486

Kay commented 2020-02-12
Received a robo call recording claiming that my electric was going to be cut off and I needed to call this number today. (fake call - not from my provider)


(704) 034-2576 or +1 (704)034-2576

Mary commented 2020-02-12
It was listed on my phone as "Invalid Number."


(202) 931-3216 or +1 (202)931-3216

Missy commented 2020-02-12
Appears to be an attempt at some type of fraud. Poor English - told me "ignorance of this message will be considered contempt"


(800) 360-0606 or +1 (800)360-0606

DMAN commented 2020-02-12


(833) 635-0084 or +1 (833)635-0084

Erika commented 2020-02-12
Grace Collins left a message for my ex husband, who I have not seen or spoke to in over 9 years. She said she was going to serve him papers at his residence or work. Sounds very fishy. Scam


(717) 522-6647 or +1 (717)522-6647

Gks commented 2020-02-12
Calling regarding SIN and that i will be arrested if call will be rejected. Without any clue what is going on. Ignore the call it might be a scam


(650) 717-6589 or +1 (650)717-6589

Regina Elizabeth Cameron commented 2020-02-12
call left message about charges on credit card early this morning but did not specify which card. I think it is a scam.


(646) 583-2935 or +1 (646)583-2935

Tamara commented 2020-02-12
This number (646)583-2935 called with no name and said that I owed money and that it would be taken out of my account. no name no information.


(717) 409-5791 or +1 (717)409-5791

Sarah commented 2020-02-12
FRAUD!. Automated voice message claiming to be the dept of revenue Canada threatening criminal action. This phone # is from Harrisburg, PA, USA. I pressed 1 to talk to a rep. Advised them that I reported this # to the gov't of Canada as a fraud. He hung up on me.


(718) 810-8165 or +1 (718)810-8165

matt commented 2020-02-12
nice dude, ordered two pizzas with cheese


(754) 576-4982 or +1 (754)576-4982

Alex commented 2020-02-12
The number belongs to a debt collection company. They are deceiving everyone.


(213) 863-9487 or +1 (213)863-9487

Neha Gurung commented 2020-02-12
+12138639487 hello. I want detail of this number. I am scram my this number owner. She is such a heartless women I ever seen in the world. She scram me in the name of aupair. I don't know but may be this lady had destroyed many innocent life. Ever day I am facing lots of problems because of her. Not only me my family also facing lots of problems. Bacause of that lady my family won't talk with me. I know how day by day I am struggling. That lady destroyed my life. I always thought she is like my elder sister. I trust her more then myself. She is such a cheap person. I tried to report US but they are not giving any response. I am hoping for help but world is so cruel their is no one for my help. Public be aware of scramer. Don't trust people on internet fault was mine that I trusted her.


(800) 149-4114 or +1 (800)149-4114

Mike commented 2020-02-12
Social Security scam. Called me indicating my social security number canceled, transfer to a fake SSA representative, which was not and hung up after challenged.


(888) 827-9060 or +1 (888)827-9060

Officer commented 2020-02-12
The number belongs to a debt collection company. They are deceiving everyone.


(551) 263-6326 or +1 (551)263-6326

Pete commented 2020-02-12
Is this a Canada job agncy posted if


(585) 294-2079 or +1 (585)294-2079

Anonymous commented 2020-02-12


(531) 860-9015 or +1 (531)860-9015

Kalleci0529 commented 2020-02-12
I want to know who owns the phone number


(209) 268-0594 or +1 (209)268-0594

Wendy * commented 2020-02-12
If you are asked for data, do not answer.


(855) 909-2274 or +1 (855)909-2274

Chloe * commented 2020-02-12
Someone called and asked for money. This is a lie.


(855) 531-3493 or +1 (855)531-3493

Mason * commented 2020-02-12
I need information on this number.