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(336) 613-0435 or +1 (336)613-0435

Jean Près commented 2020-02-10
I'm french and this number calls me twice the 10/02/2020 at 9 pm and send a vocal message of 3 seconds without any voices. If anyone has some information.


(209) 719-6646 or +1 (209)719-6646

George commented 2020-02-10
Call is about social security scam. They know your name and address! They are wanting your social security numbers! Told them not giving it to them. They said we will suspend your social security number and maybe going to jail for fraud! Then they hung up! Total scammers!


(484) 784-4647 or +1 (484)784-4647

Richard commented 2020-02-10
Recive regular text


(877) 386-8146 or +1 (877)386-8146

Sharrona Knack commented 2020-02-10
I got a call from this # stating that someone had ordered $200 dollars worth of stuff on my amazon account. I am instructed to call back to see if it was my purchase or get refunded the money. I looked at my acct. and there's been no activity. Definitely a scam!


(888) 410-6595 or +1 (888)410-6595

Nicole Gagnon commented 2020-02-10
I just received a call from that number. I missed the first part of the message but they tell me if I don’t call them back, they can only WISH ME LUCK! That sounds like a THREAT to me!


(800) 168-3446 or +1 (800)168-3446

Debbie commented 2020-02-10
Automated voice came on said my ICloud has been compromised, said to press one for support, I just hung up.


(619) 481-3898 or +1 (619)481-3898

madonna commented 2020-02-10
this no called me saying press 9 for emergency then hang up ! called back no answer.. I believe its a scam so I blocked it


(833) 635-0084 or +1 (833)635-0084

Jen C commented 2020-02-10
A Renee Smith who said she had certified documentation attached to my name and ss# and was coming to house tomorrow or work between 3 and 5 pm and I need photo ID to sign a document and if I didn't it was a direct refusal. Scam.


(857) 262-3908 or +1 (857)262-3908

Britney Allen commented 2020-02-10
Spam caller


(877) 667-0770 or +1 (877)667-0770

Concerned Consumer commented 2020-02-10
There is a Vacation Rental Telemarketer


(812) 548-6744 or +1 (812)548-6744

Estafador commented 2020-02-10
Es un estafador


(240) 219-8069 or +1 (240)219-8069

Mark commented 2020-02-10
Social Security scam.


(854) 999-2115 or +1 (854)999-2115

FORVE commented 2020-02-10
JE VEUX recevoir un sms


(800) 839-8346 or +1 (800)839-8346

oscar commented 2020-02-10
I've been getting calls from this number with a message from SS that my Social Security Number has been cancelled because of misuse or something in that range. Of course is a SCAM. Just be aware and ignore it!!!


(918) 257-6596 or +1 (918)257-6596

Sandra commented 2020-02-10
This caller is one of dozens I have received since a malware attack on my computer. My phone number was sold to scammers all over.


(305) 376-0521 or +1 (305)376-0521

Eddie commented 2020-02-10
Research documents


(413) 878-8048 or +1 (413)878-8048

Allie commented 2020-02-10
track my package-did not respond, believe it is a scam


(239) 858-6982 or +1 (239)858-6982

Berger commented 2020-02-10


(203) 078-4056 or +1 (203)078-4056

Michele commented 2020-02-10
They called stating i was frauding the government and reseving ssd


(806) 391-4962 or +1 (806)391-4962

Raven commented 2020-02-10
Scammer of ielts score card dont ever belive him