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(856) 242-1913 or +1 (856)242-1913

GOJEK commented 2019-11-30
Maaf, saya dari Gojek, saya kan cuma ingin memberi tahu saja, untuk lebih baiknya dan nyamanya saja saya tidak memaki maki kan ?, saya ingin menginformasikan saja yang terbaik untuk customer dan agar Driver driver tidak ragu dalam mempickup customer


(385) 900-3324 or +1 (385)900-3324

tony commented 2019-11-30


(773) 472-1396 or +1 (773)472-1396

Nino Lauro commented 2019-11-30
Hi Nicole, Alexa or Douglas, mi e-mail address is Hope you see this message. Nino


(888) 350-6155 or +1 (888)350-6155

Thomas Martin commented 2019-11-30
Microsoft/Google scam for information being hacked on your computor wanting you to call them. Don"t!


(205) 539-5556 or +1 (205)539-5556

+12055395556 commented 2019-11-30


(786) 228-5162 or +1 (786)228-5162

Grace Najm commented 2019-11-30
This number using as military whatsapp and I received a messages from it. And I have told that is used in mosul _ iraq


(614) 072-2663 or +1 (614)072-2663

Suzel L Mitchell commented 2019-11-30
Robo call (?) saying suspicious activity was noticed on my social security number and I immediately hung up. Not sure if call was valid or not.


(239) 876-8363 or +1 (239)876-8363

0Byte Solutions commented 2019-11-29
VEHICLE WARRANTY SCAM - Caller was a machine, kept trying to repeat that I was eligible to extend my warranty. When I asked twice "What is one plus one" instead of answering its questions, the machine rejected the call and hung up on me. Calling the number back from a blocked phone line resulted in silence, no ring then "goodbye" and disconnected.


(310) 597-4842 or +1 (310)597-4842

Chantalle commented 2019-11-29
i am in Canada and being harass by this number 5 times a day. do something about this scam and I will report it to the R.C.M.P.


(866) 231-5546 or +1 (866)231-5546

0Byte Solutions commented 2019-11-29
DANGER! (BADLY) Translated robo-call stating my SSN was suspended & to press 1 to speak with someone. A VERY hard to understand Easterner (Indian? Pakistani?) answered and became VERY abusive and hung up on me after I refused to fall for his scam. Calling the number back resulted in being disconnected after several rings.


(800) 829-1282 or +1 (800)829-1282

Kaylene commented 2019-11-30
Fraud, spam, identity theft


(520) 885-0897 or +1 (520)885-0897

Eva commented 2019-11-29
Women be cearfull. This person try to scam you!!!!! He uses WhatsApp and uses stolen photos.


(866) 174-6568 or +1 (866)174-6568

Sglmom commented 2019-11-29
Most likely another scammer


(800) 303-9070 or +1 (800)303-9070

Somedude commented 2019-11-29
Scam artist cunts are using this number.


(609) 594-4898 or +1 (609)594-4898

Eileen grandjean commented 2019-11-29
Someone called from this number left no message


(469) 771-2585 or +1 (469)771-2585

Sandi commented 2019-11-29
A woman named Monica called to offer a FREE Caribbean Cruise in exchange for a 'review' or to tell your friends/family how wonderful it was. This outfit is called Vacation ?- she refused to give me the name again. They are located out of Fort Lauderdale Florida. BEWARE: This same outfit called me last year, and it turned out to be a scam alert on the internet about them.

(816) 319-0150 or +1 (816)319-0150

กัญญารัตน์ ภูมิพันธ์ commented 2019-11-29
هاذا رقمي ود سترجاعه لاتنهتته


(940) 641-6514 or +1 (940)641-6514

Dilip commented 2019-11-29
Unknown no with email msg (from - and copy to - to forward CV for an opportunity in USA. Can someone help advising genuineness to proceed with.


(212) 840-7250 or +1 (212)840-7250

J Knipper commented 2019-11-29
Some automated call...


(916) 346-7867 or +1 (916)346-7867

Tena commented 2019-11-28
This is my gov phone if you made it yo this page then your a stealer of my ongo thatd important to pnly me . So telsted setbiice had beem alarm6