Forum to exchange information about phone numbers in the US


(512) 073-3898 or +1 (512)073-3898

josh commented 2019-11-28
says they are social security fraud department, but called on thanksgiving, this is a scam


(283) 296-7991 or +1 (283)296-7991

Marg commented 2019-11-28
Did not and do not recognize the number, so did not answer Like most folks I get way too many scam etc calls.


(267) 507-4017 or +1 (267)507-4017

Michael B. Kane commented 2019-11-28
Asking for money on the internet. Not sure what date site I came across them on, however they were willing to send n*de photos of unknown female. If I would send gas money they would come visit me. Also demanding my address. I would advise you to avoid them.


(646) 585-0516 or +1 (646)585-0516

Anonymous commented 2019-11-28
Scammers to do with Greencard applications. Do not answer the call.


(321) 843-7777 or +1 (321)843-7777

Tasmina commented 2019-11-28
missing my old friend. wanted to know whether he is alive or not.


(917) 779-0710 or +1 (917)779-0710

gertrude commented 2019-11-28
They r a spam # and call many times on my land lime and cell even late at night.


(201) 796-7000 or +1 (201)796-7000

Sharon commented 2019-11-28
Caller is a scammer.


(615) 541-8727 or +1 (615)541-8727

Ryan E. commented 2019-11-28
This number is a major scammer off of Instagram, Please do not send any funds to CashApp $Amimecheleee03 they will take your money


(213) 352-5022 or +1 (213)352-5022

Juliette commented 2019-11-28
C'est un escroc ce chris Anthony Williams il a abusé de moi aussi .C'est un réseau d'arnaque


(800) 801-7089 or +1 (800)801-7089

Anon commented 2019-11-27
SSA Government scam. trafficking/ money laundering, your ssn will be blocked, give us your ssn, bank info etc.


(833) 511-9657 or +1 (833)511-9657

Fred Wall commented 2019-11-27
I have received mutable calls from this number. Some requesting Amazon information so I could receive a refund on my Prime account. Other calls have been received Microsoft account renewal and income tax threats of being arrested for ignoring payment requests... All of these calls are scam calls attempting to gain access to financial account information. I have now blocked the number, as the exchange is in the Seattle area and does not respond to inquiries..


(877) 671-4387 or +1 (877)671-4387

Lynn commented 2019-11-27
Just received robocall from this number claiming to be charging my bank account $129.99 for Amazon Prime and not to question the would be for a full year.


(321) 306-6112 or +1 (321)306-6112

Philip commented 2019-11-27
I think this is someone fake trying to get your SS number. They hung up on me!


(800) 178-3327 or +1 (800)178-3327

Frisco Doc commented 2019-11-27
Purports to be from Apple support


(800) 579-0604 or +1 (800)579-0604

Irritated commented 2019-11-27
recording about an apple account problem ~ surprised I usually do not get scam calls from 800#s, beware!


(213) 822-7039 or +1 (213)822-7039

sad one commented 2019-11-27
was not very hepful


(616) 834-6791 or +1 (616)834-6791

Manlius commented 2019-11-27
Credit card rate scam


(855) 874-1852 or +1 (855)874-1852

medical office commented 2019-11-27
spammers from India!


(704) 486-2852 or +1 (704)486-2852

GRACE commented 2019-11-27
Said they had my house covered!


(470) 301-8527 or +1 (470)301-8527

Bob commented 2019-11-27
It's a working number. I just spoke with someone my caller ID identified. How do I look up "burner" numbers, etc