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(415) 592-0412 or +1 (415)592-0412

Luis Alberto García commented 2019-11-27
Llamo a España y me dicen que estoy llamando de este número el cual no es y a mi número en Argentina desde España no se pueden comunica. Este número ves el que les aparece cuando yo llamo y ese número no es mío yo estoy en Argentina


(603) 790-4172 or +1 (603)790-4172

Mollaw commented 2019-11-27
They are working on fraud and theft activities .


(833) 869-4035 or +1 (833)869-4035

L. K commented 2019-11-27
I was told it’s a TD operations number out of the U.S.


(888) 279-1456 or +1 (888)279-1456

micheline dubreuil commented 2019-11-27
impossible de placer en ligne car ligne toujours occupée MANQUE DE PERSONNEL??????


(516) 581-4828 or +1 (516)581-4828

Mubashir commented 2019-11-27
I have recived whatsapp call from this number. Pretending to be my very old friend. Call couldn't get through so we chatted. He asked for money.meanwhile I have also talked to my friend at his his number in USA. Find out, its a scam number. wanted to report it so that people dont lose money.


(614) 706-7592 or +1 (614)706-7592

Laura commented 2019-11-27
This phone number is used by a man trying to do romance scamming, he contacts you thorugh LinkedIn and started sending me emails, first to thank me for accepting him and saying he is trying to make new friends and wanting to know more about me, I didn´t say much to be honest. He says he is 42yo, German living in German Village, Columbus, Ohio, is a freelance Geologist, he owns and runs his own lab in the basement of his house to be able for his daughter, widower of 6 years, has a daughter named Sophie who is about to be 12 in December, has a shih-tzu, both of his parents are death, his father due to lung cancer and his mother when he was 5 yo, currently lives with his daughter and his butler Mr. Schneider. We exchanged a few emails, until he asked me my WhatsApp "to comunicate better" a few weeks ago, we started talking at the beginning of August. He started to be very lovey-dovey which I kind of liked but at the same time made me feel a bit uncomfortable because we didn´t know eachother for too long, anyways he started to call me "baby, dear, darling, queen, etc", and he told me he was going to travel to China to present his project, a few days later he told me he had trouble making the money transfer to China because it was the wrong account number, days later he told me if I had Western Union (that made me alert) because he wanted to send me money for me to buy a ticket and meet him in France, obviously I said no because I barely knew him which he seemed to understand and the day after he told me again he was having trouble paying to the ministry agent in China and if I could help him buy bitcoins because he couldn´t access his bank account. he wanted for me to buy 700USD worth of bitcoins and deposit them in the wallet he sent me, he said he was going to pay me the next day, but I told him I didn´t have that amount of money and he started to insist on how much did I have, that at least 250USD, and I told him I couldn´t and from then he stopped talking to me. I had my doubts but that confirmed me it was a romance scam. I started to do some research and it appeared to me that this phonce number is from Westerville, Ohio, company Clec, Llc, zip code 43081, and has several reports in other pages about women saying is romance scamming even a woman from Germany and an italian woman reporting this same thing a year ago, also I did a reverse image search and his profile photo is stolen. Why he wanted to take me abroad to meet him? He could be a kidnapper for what I know. Beware. I already deleted and reported to the BBB and Federal Trade Comission.


(385) 304-4366 or +1 (385)304-4366

Mike commented 2019-11-27
1-385-304-4366 AND 9801-160-4445 REAL ESTATE SCAM, GIVE THEM NO INFORMATION!


(717) 160-7031 or +1 (717)160-7031

Anonymous commented 2019-11-27
Called my cell phone. Didn't leave a message or identification. Gotta be a scam.


(800) 339-0906 or +1 (800)339-0906

Rich K commented 2019-11-26
Same credit card scam just a different number


(469) 197-7339 or +1 (469)197-7339

Sherlyn commented 2019-11-26
Another site said this number had made calls and received many calls from both local, business and cell numbers in RUSSIA! It has caused me great concern


(208) 089-4632 or +1 (208)089-4632

Nancy commented 2019-11-26
Info needed


(800) 324-6654 or +1 (800)324-6654

kkachi commented 2019-11-26
Appears to be scam call


(877) 312-7526 or +1 (877)312-7526

Linda Pink commented 2019-11-26
I placed an order for trees from the website When I called to check on my order I was connected to an ad from spectrum???


(661) 430-6206 or +1 (661)430-6206

Caller commented 2019-11-26
how is it


(717) 823-8106 or +1 (717)823-8106

Julie J. commented 2019-11-26
Received multi media text message (included several other recipients) for M*stery Shopping positions paying out $300 per shopping trip. I don't recall applying or requesting info or contact regarding this offer... where did they get my number??? Not sure if this is legit. I will have to check back in with an update.


(516) 400-4652 or +1 (516)400-4652

oliver jeff commented 2019-11-26
need to know about this company


(800) 586-9956 or +1 (800)586-9956

Huh commented 2019-11-26
unknown caller, did not answer


(616) 469-8250 or +1 (616)469-8250

Manlius commented 2019-11-25
Credit card rate scam. When I asked questions, the filipino woman told me to “...f*#k off” and hung up on me.


(667) 331-7493 or +1 (667)331-7493

Social Security Scam commented 2019-11-25


(833) 563-0534 or +1 (833)563-0534

Ann O. Nomus commented 2019-11-25
This phone number is a scam. Please report to law enforcement.