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(937) 166-5785 or +1 (937)166-5785

Freddie J Lamb commented 2019-11-25
Telemarketer, sounds foreign.


(737) 237-7835 or +1 (737)237-7835

DR Smith commented 2019-11-25
Used in PayPal international scam (US/CDA) involving purported purchase of camera gear - using false and misleading information. Text mail subscriber only - out of this Austin Area Code...


(855) 477-1119 or +1 (855)477-1119

Alex commented 2019-11-25
Currently, this number is being used for scamming purposes. Please be aware!


(940) 899-8326 or +1 (940)899-8326

WavePay commented 2019-11-25


(708) 467-9062 or +1 (708)467-9062

Mario commented 2019-11-25
Someone called me in Spain, asking for personal information about my business, allegedly to send "permits".


(618) 327-1540 or +1 (618)327-1540

Lion Jo commented 2019-11-25
I received the email as below It is thought to be an evil con artist, I want to confirm and punishment, AS below : FIRST CITIZENS BANK 45371 Calabio Sunwoody Rd Atlanta, P.O.Box 3207,Tel / fax; +16183271540 Mobile; +16183271540 As we discuses in our phone conversation, i make you to understand that this your fund that as been approval by the world leaders IMF, United Nation, African Union, the leaders come together and approved the some of $15.5 Million United State dollars, the leaders understand that you are one of the good beneficiary that invest in refugees in Africa and difference place in the world. We also make you to understand that this is the only you will receive for now any other transaction you can not receive from it okay. As soon as you pay the $1,290 dollars for the RE-ACTIVATION of account then we can now transfer the fund immediately to you account. The $1,290 dollars will be also added to the account okay.Thanks Best Regards Mr.Frank William.


(915) 873-4202 or +1 (915)873-4202

Bianca commented 2019-11-25


(608) 275-4859 or +1 (608)275-4859

Aurora A Lucas commented 2019-11-25
Good luck


(630) 823-1875 or +1 (630)823-1875

lakshmiganthan ab commented 2019-11-25
i am Getting call from this no but no one is talking


(720) 914-9999 or +1 (720)914-9999

Pranau commented 2019-11-25


(315) 600-3734 or +1 (315)600-3734

Rockstar commented 2019-11-25
Who r u


(740) 207-9154 or +1 (740)207-9154

Lb commented 2019-11-25


(877) 543-5969 or +1 (877)543-5969

Tatum commented 2019-11-24
This is a scam they don't even answer the phone naming the business. They will not tell you what business.


(907) 691-4654 or +1 (907)691-4654

Eric tesch commented 2019-11-24
Cheat and lie


(800) 378-6956 or +1 (800)378-6956

TG commented 2019-11-24
This appears to be a SERIOUS FRAUD/SCAM. Robot-Voice talking "Fraud... FBI... connect you to a Social Security Officer"!! Watch out.


(859) 379-5427 or +1 (859)379-5427

Tommy Forsell commented 2019-11-24
Probably an attempted fraud


(404) 594-3288 or +1 (404)594-3288

Tuovi Sjölund commented 2019-11-24
This man i met on happypancake finnish dating site. He calls himself James and supposed to be a military guy in Syria even though this is a phonenumber in Georgia Usa


(201) 796-7000 or +1 (201)796-7000

XYZ commented 2019-11-24
Scam number!


(317) 580-7722 or +1 (317)580-7722

Rene commented 2019-11-23
Call me and hang out. I call back this num. It said is disconnected or no or


(512) 555-0979 or +1 (512)555-0979

Hitch commented 2019-11-23
Missed call no voicemail no subsequent calls