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(425) 819-4566 or +1 (425)819-4566

Everett commented 2019-11-20
Missed calls, no message.


(866) 539-3457 or +1 (866)539-3457

Felicia A Jackson commented 2019-11-20
A guy who said his name is Mark Brown, born in Pakistan says Social security # will be suspended. Government (Social Security) do NOT contact through phone call if it is something server they send out letters. Don't believe him.


(800) 094-5781 or +1 (800)094-5781

ry commented 2019-11-20
calling under different numbers and telling my that my social security number will be permanently suspended if i don't press talk to them. Definitely scammers. Don"t pick up and block this number


(417) 228-6154 or +1 (417)228-6154

Leslie commented 2019-11-20
Keeps calling but hangs up after I say hello a few times..


(626) 653-4462 or +1 (626)653-4462

Mathew commented 2019-11-20
This number called without message. I suspect a hacking attempt from it


(585) 166-5164 or +1 (585)166-5164

unavailable commented 2019-11-20
no message left but did get an earful of fax machine. LOL!


(855) 575-0318 or +1 (855)575-0318

Mr. T commented 2019-11-20
Text for an invitation to go to a Trump rally.


(888) 899-3349 or +1 (888)899-3349

Dewey commented 2019-11-20
Referred to themselves as Megan and that they are with the student loan advisory board to talk about how I qualified for student loan forgiveness and that I should call them soon before policies change. 1. I spoke directly with the Department of Education and have consulted with them that all future consulting would be done via email. 2. I contaced my student loan provider about phone calls from them and that they need to stop and that the DoE informed me that all consulting would be done by email. They messaged me back stating that they have never called me and that I should report any calls regarding my student loan to the FTC because it they are not calling me. "so aside from feeling like my loan providers are a lot of dumbass scammers because I have proof that they lied" there is also no directly noticed recognition of this phone number being associated with a specific organization... so 99.9% chance this is a scam/fraud call.


(515) 631-2553 or +1 (515)631-2553

yanti commented 2019-11-20
this people steal my heart and now i don't know how is I hear, he past away but i don't want believe it cause I'm sure he still alive who you know this person can you call me in my mail, I'm from Indonesia thank you very much


(888) 740-8134 or +1 (888)740-8134

D commented 2019-11-19
Says it is from the Canada Revenue Agency. I believe CRA will send a letter if they need to contact you, and how would they know my cell? Is this a legit phone number for the CRA?


(866) 218-1204 or +1 (866)218-1204

s.m.jens commented 2019-11-19
they called me saying they're from a debt collections agency and they're collecting a 200 dollar pay day loan from 2013. i said this is not reflected on my credit report. they claimed they're collecting this debt so it will not hit my credit just yet. if i dont pay now, i will continue to get hit with penalty fees and interest.


(210) 672-1934 or +1 (210)672-1934

NA commented 2019-11-19
received text messages asking for any property for sale. seems scam-ish.


(855) 928-0137 or +1 (855)928-0137

Eugene Laird commented 2019-11-19
I have received this call several times on my i phone over the past two weeks. I have no idea of the company the lady who is talking to works for. She just states a sum of two hundred dollars has been charged to one of my credit cards but no prescription.


(512) 572-3691 or +1 (512)572-3691

Jeanette commented 2019-11-19
I get so many calls from Bastrop TX....if I look up the numbers, with the exception of this site.. all information is in Chinese ....I sure wish these calls would STOP! Here are a few samples: 云南省楚雄1512572手机号段的所有号码_属于楚雄1512572号段_手机定位知识网 [Search domain] 云南省楚雄市1512572手机号段的所有号码查看,楚雄1512572号段号码查询,楚雄1512572手机定位知识网....................... [Search domain] 1512572 1512572号段 1512572手机号段 1512572是移动还是联通的 1512572开头的手机号码. 1512572. 归属地: 云南省楚雄彝族自治州; 卡类型: 云南;


(800) 187-7912 or +1 (800)187-7912

ATyger commented 2019-11-19
Junk call--didn't answer, left no message.


(800) 353-4141 or +1 (800)353-4141

Terri commented 2019-11-19
They called me at almost 2 in the morning! No message left. I want to add them to my do not call list!


(607) 972-1762 or +1 (607)972-1762

Blinky commented 2019-11-19
Received call. A pattern is a caller says did you call me at this number. No. I blocked this number today. Another day another number. I block you


(573) 212-6617 or +1 (573)212-6617

0Byte Solutions commented 2019-11-19
After pressing 1 a person answered claiming to want to help settle "discrepancies with my online listings". I asked her the company name which she replied was "Apps Media". When I then asked what the purpose of the call was she got annoyed and blurted "Nevermind! JESUS!" and hung up on me. That says tons about that company. Most certainly a scam-organization.


(323) 396-9680 or +1 (323)396-9680

Gedeon Ray anday commented 2019-11-19
I would like to ask there a person Megan email me I don't this is true or not....


(475) 244-9934 or +1 (475)244-9934

SUSPICIOUS LEE commented 2019-11-19