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(800) 657-7850 or +1 (800)657-7850

Highrise commented 2019-11-19
Called at a ridiculous hour. 1:30am. Left no message.


(412) 668-6312 or +1 (412)668-6312

Carrick commented 2019-11-19
SCAM - Looking for money


(412) 995-0877 or +1 (412)995-0877

Elliott commented 2019-11-19
SCAM - Looking for Money


(800) 875-6696 or +1 (800)875-6696

Roberto commented 2019-11-19
This is a SSN scam number


(478) 891-3169 or +1 (478)891-3169

Robert commented 2019-11-19
Received a call from 478-891-3169 at 6:00 a.m. Apparently this area code is situated in Georgia. I live in Toronto, Canada. No one responded when I answered. Tried to call back but was unable to complete call. Very annoying.


(510) 241-0313 or +1 (510)241-0313

no name commented 2019-11-19
this number stated his name as dr. steve a US military doctor who deployed in iraq.


(571) 500-8029 or +1 (571)500-8029

Evelyn toh commented 2019-11-19
Who is this person?


(361) 271-3569 or +1 (361)271-3569

Kitty commented 2019-11-19
Very good, thanx


(509) 289-2413 or +1 (509)289-2413

Deeparaj commented 2019-11-19
I received message from this number that they are buyers of old antique Indian and International coins. Is this true or Fake. Please clarify me My email is


(800) 962-3160 or +1 (800)962-3160

Virginia Wyssen commented 2019-11-19
Virginia Wyssen scamming people and trying to get money


(877) 489-2577 or +1 (877)489-2577

Lisa M commented 2019-11-18
Someone called claiming to be with Electric Company


(818) 302-3481 or +1 (818)302-3481

Melvin lusk commented 2019-11-18
Social Security scam


(800) 351-9230 or +1 (800)351-9230

Denise commented 2019-11-18
I think this was a scam calling me telling me they were with Ameren. When I asked if it was Ameren Missouri or Ameren Illinois because we have rental houses in both states, the caller kept mumbling and I could not understand them. When I said I would make a payment online they said I could not do that to avoid my electric getting shut off. I have not received any notices about my electric being shut off and they insisted they have sent me several and I needed to make a payment with them over the phone right now. I called Ameren Missouri Speedpay and made my payment because I didn't trust that these foreign speaking callers were legit. I guess I will find out when I go home today if my electric got shut off.


(440) 520-1977 or +1 (440)520-1977

NOT DANIEL commented 2019-11-18
Total who text me out of the blue accusing me of calling their phone and threatening to block my number.


(800) 958-3871 or +1 (800)958-3871

Marc commented 2019-11-18
This is a scam about a compromised social security number


(800) 238-7729 or +1 (800)238-7729

Carol Pope commented 2019-11-18
1-800-238-7729 called my dad and asked if he had his SS Card. He said no. They then rattled off his SS# and he verified it. I have tried to call number back 3 times and goes directly to a recording to leave message. They never said who they were with.


(301) 485-9035 or +1 (301)485-9035

Deepa commented 2019-11-18
Is this a fake number ‭+13014859035‬


(478) 210-4451 or +1 (478)210-4451

JOE commented 2019-11-18


(571) 206-3783 or +1 (571)206-3783

Beeeg Fukkah commented 2019-11-18
Tried Scamming me via my Gumtree Ad.


(347) 471-9495 or +1 (347)471-9495

Phill commented 2019-11-17
I got two phone calls from (347) 471-9495, and didn't leave message. I assume that this is a scam call.